A/B tests

Have you wondered what the difference will be if the buttons on your site
would be red or blue? With Site Stylus you can get visitor statistics on the
differences with different designs. You choose the design yourself.

How does an AB test work?

First, you create a number of different designs. You may want to know how visitors react to different texts on the home page or if a certain color is more appealing.
Each visitor is "assigned" one of your designs throughout their visit to the site.

You have a webshop with 3 different designs and content.
Visitor 1 sees one of the designs you have developed. The visitor does not like that content and immediately leaves the webshop.
Visitor 2 sees the next design and becomes more interested. The visitor looks around the shop but does not buy anything.
Visitor 3 sees the third design and likes it. The visitor makes a purchase of your products.
Visitor 4 sees the same design as visitor 1 and in this way the designs loop back to the first.

You have the opportunity to use Site Stylus' own tools for statistics so that you can see which design has worked best.
However, we recommend that you use Google Analytics. Even there you can see what design each visitor saw during their visit.